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At the age of four, he and his family moved to Commerce, Oklahoma. Although he was a feared power hitter from either side of the plate and hit more home runs batting left-handed than right, Mantle considered himself a better right-handed hitter.

InMickey and Merlyn separated, living apart for the rest of Mickey's life, but neither filed for divorce. His lifestyle was restored to one of luxury, and his hold on his fans raised to an amazing level, by his position of leadership in the sports memorabilia craze that swept the US, beginning in the s.

Mays' fly was hit to shallow center, and as Mantle came over to back up DiMaggio, Mantle's cleats caught a drainage cover in the outfield grass. Noted for his ability to hit for both average and power, he is regarded by many to be the greatest switch hitter of all time and one of the greatest players in the history of Major League Baseball.

Mickey Mantle

Described by him as his "favorite summer", his major league leading. At the age of four, he and his family moved to Commerce, Oklahoma. InMantle started in both All-Star games, getting two walks in the first and a single in the second game. Since Babe Ruth had been 3, Lou Gehrig had been 4 and Joe DiMaggio was 5, Mickey was assigned the next number of greatness which proved to be a great mental burden for the young Mick.

In he was invited to the Yankees instructional camp and after an impressive spring training, Yankees manager Casey Stengel decided to promote him to the majors as a right fielder instead of sending him back to the minor league. Mantle was a prized guest at any baseball card show, commanding fees far in excess of any other player for his appearances and autographs.

Mantle's cards, especially his Topps, are extremely popular and valuable among card collectors. His knee twisted awkwardly and he instantly fell.

He checked into the Betty Ford Clinic on January 7,after being told by a doctor that his liver was so badly damaged from almost 40 years of drinking that it "looked like a doorstop.

Mantle reached base more times than he made outs toone of two seasons in which he achieved the feat. Mantle accepted the position, regardless, as he felt the rule was "stupid. Late in the season he was unexpectedly hospitalized by an abscessed hip he got from a flu shot late, leaving Maris to break the record he finished with 61while he finished with 54 home runs and led the American league in runs scored and walks.

Mantle finished with 54 home runs while leading the American league in runs scored and walks. Kuhn warned Mantle before he accepted the position that he would have to place him on the list if Mantle went to work there.

After the bombing of the Alfred P.

Mickey Mantle

This was the first of numerous injuries that plagued his year career with the Yankees. Stephen Haas, medical director for the National Football League Players Association, has speculated that Mantle may have torn his anterior cruciate ligament ACL during the incident and played the rest of his career without having it properly treated since ACLs could not be repaired with the surgical techniques available in that era.

On August 12,he hit one whose distance was undoubted: A time of collecting and trading baseball cards. Most of his activities were representing the Claridge in golf tournaments and other charity events. In June he received a liver transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas after learning that he had inoperable liver cancer.

Hall of Famer Willie Mayswho had also taken a similar position, had already had action taken against him. Over the course of time, however, Mantle with a little help from his teammate Whitey Forda native of New York's Borough of Queens had gotten better at "schmoozing" with the New York media, and had gained the favor of the press.

During his final seasonhe hit only. The ball went over the center field fence, which was feet from home plate. Casey Stengel and the Yankees had planned to let Mickey play on a Class A minor league team but decided to give him a try in the majors after his phenomenal spring. During his eighteen year career, Mickey hit many other tape measure homers and became famous for his mammoth blasts.

I see I raised a coward instead. But Mantle was suspended from baseball by Commissioner Bowie Kuhn on the grounds that any affiliation with gambling was grounds for being placed on the "permanently ineligible" list. He was slowed down by injuries during the season, and the Yankees finished in 6th place, 25 games behind the Minnesota Twins.

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He went on to hit two more homers in the series to set the existing World Series record of 18 home runs. While his off-field drinking became public knowledge during his lifetime, the press kept quiet about his many marital infidelities.

InMantle batted. His rationale was that the men in his family had all died young, so he expected to die young as well. Mickey Mantle, Actor: It's My Turn.

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Mickey Charles Mantle was born in Spavinaw, Oklahoma, on October 20,the son of a minor-league player who never made it to the big leagues and named him after Major Leaguer Mickey Cochrane.

Mickey's father and grandfather -- who also never made it to the majors -- taught him how to play Born: Oct 20, Topps New York Yankees 27 Time World Championship Factory Sealed Complete Box Set with Mickey Mantle,Babe Ruth,Derek Jeter and More! Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player.

Nicknamed The Commerce Comet or The Mick, for 18 seasons ( through ) he played center field and first base for the New York Yankees of the American League. Noted for his ability to hit for both average and power, he is regarded by many to be the greatest switch hitter.

The "Holy Grail" of baseball cards, a pristine Topps Mickey Mantle valued at several million dollars, was delivered to the History Colorado. A short biography of Mickey Mantle - legend.

Born in and destined to become Mickey Mantle, NY Yankee legend. Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse Restaurant in OKC is dedicated to providing each guest an amazing dining experience whether you are celebrating your anniversary in an intimate setting, showing out-of-town business associates a good time, or hosting a rehearsal dinner or banquet for

Mickey mantle
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