Who wants to be a millionaire

Millionaire and the subsequent primetime specials were hosted by Regis Philbin. Origins When the U. Robert Thompsona professor at Syracuse Universitystated that the show's lighting system made the contestant feel as though they were outside of prison when an escape was in progress.

Used during Super Millionaire, this lifeline allowed the contestant 30 seconds of advice from a panel of three experts, who were sequestered backstage and saw the question only when their help was requested.

Once used, the contestant must answer the question without using any further lifelines; moreover, if the "first final answer" was incorrect, the contestant could not walk away. Millionaire carried over the musical score from the British version, composed by father-and-son duo Keith and Matthew Strachan.

Switch the Question — Used in the US version between andand in the UK original during celebrity specials between —03 and standard episode between —14, this lifeline was made available after a contestant answered the tenth question of the game.

If the answer is correct, the friend must then return to the audience. The show was later revived in Lifelines[ edit ] During a standard play of the game, a contestant is given a series of lifelines to aid them with difficult questions.

The show was later revived in A representative for Jeremy Clarkson has been contacted for comment by MailOnline. There are also a number of other non-English versions of Millionaire where the host does not ask "[Is that your] final answer.

It has been used occasionally during Whiz Kids Week in the current version and is available from the outset.

As such, the difficulty of the question in this round, is 'not' tied to the value associated to it, and a contestant does not know what amount they won unless they provide a correct answer, or choose to walk away.

The values were doubled during "Double Money Weeks". You can use more than one help per question, but be careful: The staff planned on switching it to a format that would emphasize comedy more than the game and feature a host other than Philbin, [65] but in the end, the primetime show was canceled, with its final episode airing on June 27, Three Wise Men and Double Dip.

There is no time limit, but after that question has been answered the friend has to return to the audience. That pattern was repeated twice more: The contestant who not only answers correctly, but in the fastest time, goes on to play the main game.

In addition, they also became concerned that Ingram showed no sign of having specialist knowledge on any subject he faced in his questions, in contrast to previous contestants.

When used, the computer replaced the current question with another of the same difficulty. From tothe US version of "Ask the Audience" was sponsored by AOLwhich allowed users of its Instant Messenger to add the screen name MillionaireIM to their contact list and receive an instant message with the question and the four possible answers, to which the users replied with their choices.

It ran until the end of The contestant had to invoke the lifeline before making the first guess, and it was removed from play regardless of which guess was correct.

However, use of this lifeline came with a risk — if used, the contestant could not reinstate any lifelines used on the original question. The contestant called a pre-arranged friend and was then given 30 seconds to discuss the question with that person.

Three Wise Men After a lengthy court case, Charles, his wife Diana and Tecwen were all charged with fraud inreceiving various suspended prison sentences.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

When selected, a friend of the contestant is rung up, and tasked with providing assistance to them on the question.

The 10, to 20, candidates who answered all three questions correctly were selected into a random drawing in which approximately contestants competed for ten spots on the show using the same phone quiz method.

Inthis lifeline was eliminated due to an increasing use of search engines by home viewers to look up answers.

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All are given a question by the host and four answers which must be placed within a particular order; in the original version and pre episodes of the Australian version, contestants have to simply answer a multiple-choice question.

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Jeremy Clarkson to host Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Spam, scam and. Interactive quiz site similar to the fun trivia game show Who wants to be a millionaire? Questions include movie, sports and music trivia. Classic quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is being revived for a special run in the spring – but without original presenter Chris Tarrant.

Who wants to be a millionaire
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